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Fall Hamilton, ON, Monday, 26 September 2011 2:14pm

It was raining for my ride from Troy to Hamilton, Ontario, where I'm visiting my friend Molly (a cognitive science student at McMaster University). I stopped at a Tim Horton's just across the border to warm up with a hot beverage. Amusingly, someone asked me what kind of bike I was riding, and when he heard that it was a Honda, asked what shop I used. I told him that my usual shop was thousands of miles away.

Molly is a referee for one of the (many) local roller derby leagues, so we went over to Kitchener-Waterloo for a double header. Because of the rain, we opted to take a bus instead of the motorcycle, only to have the rest of the weekend turn out to be much sunnier than the weather report predicted. The games were fun to watch, particularly the second. The teams played a more defensive game than any I've seen before, with jam after jam called with no points scored.

It's clearly Fall here. I noticed trees with leaves changing colors as soon as I crossed the border, and while walking around Waterloo, there were some already losing leaves.