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The Bruce Tobermory, ON, Tuesday, 27 September 2011 8:00pm

Molly and I rode up to the tip of the Bruce Peninsula today. We stopped for a very tasty lunch in Stratford and then continued up to Tobermory along a theoretically coastal route.

It wasn't actually very coastal. I'm spoiled by the Pacific Coast Highway, which actually runs along the coast for much of its length. The closest "main" roads here are usually separated from the lakes by at least a few blocks of housing developments or nuclear power plants. But we did get some nice views of Lake Huron in a brief stretch and it was a pleasant ride through farmland or forest for the rest of it.

After checking in at our motel, we went back down to Singing Sands to watch the sunset. Singing Sands is a huge, shallow beach on Lake Huron. It was hard to tell from the tiny, overlapping waves whether the tide was rising or falling.

The weather reports had called for rain, so we'd packed a bunch of rain gear. We didn't see a drop.