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To Mulegé Mulegé, Baja California Sur, Mexico, Saturday, 04 July 2009 2:42pm

We're not winning on museums today.

We went back into town for breakfast this morning, but the cafe we noticed yesterday was closed. We grabbed some pastries from the bakery, and Chuck got his caffeine fix at a coffee window. We found our way to the Museo Boleo, which is the old office of the mining company. It turned out to be closed.

Chuck had gotten the attention of a cop when he asked where the Museum was, and the cop wandered over and told us the museum was closed, but then proceeded to show us around the outside of the building and told us a lot about it. Unfortunately, I only understood about every third word, most of them nouns. So I know that there's a walk-in safe, and that there was something to do with telephones, and that this building was the first one in Baja California Sur that had electric power. We may stop by again on our way back through and see if we can get in.

Then it was back to the hotel, to pick up our gear and hit the road. Mulegé was all of 43km up the road, so we were checked in to a hotel there before lunchtime. This hotel also encouraged us to pull our bikes up onto the patio right outside of our rooms. Perhaps when we're done with them for the night...

We took a walk around town, ate some tacos from a stand on the main square, started walking to the waterfront, then realized that it was several kilometers away, bought some hats, had some ice cream, and headed for the Museo de Mulegé, which features an S48 Space Launch Motor that fell in the middle of a local farmer's field, instead of burning up in the atmosphere. Unfortunately, the museum appears to be closed for renovations.

Museo Mulegé