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One night in Madrid Madrid, Spain, Sunday, 18 January 2009 1:00am

Madrid is buzzing. I took the metro to a hostal close to the center of the city, and it was packed. At 10pm, everyone seemed to be heading out for a Saturday night on the town.

I opted for cocido madrileño (stew) at a taberna instead of tapas (I was a little too tired to be making a lot of choices), and then wandered around.

Mo gave me a list of things to do in Madrid, and I went looking for the chocolateria she recommended. It took a few tries to find it. It's next to a church, I didn't immediately recognize the church, so I found myself in the Puerta del Sol before I knew it and had to double back. Amusingly, I'd stopped to take pictures of the church without noticing it was the church I was looking for. Mmm... Churros y Chocolate. My high school Spanish book would be proud.

I'm going to have to come back here when I have some real time to spend.