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Home again San Francisco, CA, Sunday, 18 January 2009 11:00pm

The flight from Madrid to Chicago felt very long. It turns out to have been 10 hours, but it felt even longer than that. Part of the problem was that I had totally lost track of time zones and I didn't know how long the flight was supposed to be, so I couldn't tell myself "only three hours to go...". It's lucky that Mo loaned me a hefty book, since I finished the last of mine on the bus to El Jadida. It lasted almost all of the way.

I got into Chicago and through customs quickly. Sure enough, the outer rice bag was disintegrating, but the inner one seemed intact.

American was able to put me on an earlier flight to SFO, but I almost missed it because the security line was really slow. They made me give up the snow globe that I picked up in the Casablanca airport (ok, sand globe. It had two palm trees, a camel, and glitter for sand). Sad.

The outer rice bag had huge tears in it by the time I retrieved it from the baggage claim at SFO, so I finished tearing it apart and continued with just the inner bag.

Because of the earlier flight, I got into SFO before Dave and Jenny, so I had time to stop by the in-airport Burger Joint before meeting them. It's good to be back.