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Leaving Morocco Casablanca, Morocco, Saturday, 17 January 2009 4:00pm

The train to Casa Voyageurs ran late, so I missed my connecting train to the airport. But they run every hour, and there was plenty of time to catch the next one.

"Lines" here are especially fluid. People seem to have no compunction about just walking in front of me, when I'm about to reach the security checkpoint or the counter at the airport cafe. But my flight doesn't leave for another two and a half hours, so I don't really care.

I think the food highlight of this country was really the olives. The cafe sold me a pressed sandwich with what I thought, at first glance, were lots of jalapeños, but they turned out, of course, to be green olives. They're not as good as the green olives in hot pepper sauce that have commonly been served as appetizers, which are probably the best olives I've ever had.

I have a feeling that Tinny will turn out to be right about needing to reinforce the rice bag. The outer bag was tearing around the handle by the time I checked it. Hopefully the roped, taped, inner bag will hold. even if the outer shreds. I noticed the "wrap your luggage in cellophane" kiosk only after having checked the bag. My luggage is only checked through to Chicago, presumably because I'll need to clear customs there.