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Jemez Canyon Jemez Springs, NM, Saturday, 08 September 2012 10:44pm

It was actually cold this morning (well, it was in the 60s, anyway). I set out with the liners in my riding jacket and pants, for the first time this trip. I'm amused to find that some of the GUSTY WINDS MAY EXIST signs have windsocks attached to them, as if they're part of a grand scientific experiment trying to confirm the existence of gusty winds.

Today I took the bike to a repair shop in Rio Rancho (near Albuquerque) for its 52,000 mile service. It only took them a couple of hours, but it was squarely in the middle of the day, so I didn't get to do everything I'd hoped. However, I did spend several hours in a Starbucks, so I have processed some pictures.

After I picked up the bike, I took a scenic route back to Santa Fe, heading up US 550 and then following NM 4 through Jemez Canyon and Los Alamos. The canyon was stunning in the late afternoon sun, and there was a nice mix of scrubby lowlands, fir forests, and even a bit of high plains in a caldera. I also managed to check off Fry Bread and Indian Tacos from the list of things to try.

Los Alamos was an interesting town. It's the first town in the US that I've visited that I needed to pass through a security checkpoint to enter. I arrived too late in the day to visit the science museum, but I rode past it anyway. It's funny, in most towns, a science museum would be architecturally distinctive, but, in Los Alamos, it looks like all of the other blocky, government-built buildings.