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Albuquerque overview Albuquerque, NM, Friday, 07 September 2012 11:23pm

I started today with a ride down NM-14, through the touristy little town of Madrid (lunch was a green chile cheeseburger), and then made the turnoff up to the top of the Sandia Mountains, overlooking Albuquerque. The road goes up to about 10,600ft, and I was actually a little cold on the way up. My temperature logger says that it was 84F at the summit, but it doesn't get the wind across it. From up there, there's a scenic trail that gives a succession of sweeping views of the entire area. It's pretty amazing. I just wish it had been a bit less overcast. At least it didn't actually rain on me on the way back down the mountain.

I spent the afternoon in Albuquerque, visiting the old town square (which looks just like a town square in Mexico, complete with mariachi band). I stopped in at the Rattlesnake Museum, which has a pretty large collection of various types of snakes and a few lizards and turtles, and an even larger collection of snake-related kitsch: posters for B movie snake-attack films, snakes painted onto rocks, posters advertising snake oil, sporting goods with snake-related labels...

I also stopped in at the Museum of Art and History, which is under renovation. None of the art in the one gallery that was open stood out for me, but there was some interesting historical information in the one open historical room.

I ate at a restaurant on the square (Carne Adovado), and then noticed the huge front of dark clouds rolling in. I hopped back on the bike and made my way to Santa Fe in time to avoid getting hit by more than a few raindrops.