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Better Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru, Friday, 18 March 2005 8:40am

I'm feeling considerably better after a night's sleep. Still a little woozy, but the headache seems to have gone. We'll see how well I'm doing after I walk around a bit.

I have some errands to run. I need to find clip-on sunglasses or a place that will quickly make me a pair of prescription sunglasses. It seems that I left mine somewhere in Santiago.

I called the hotel, which hadn't seen them, but I think it more likely that they got left in the internet cafe next to the hotel, since it was the first dark place I went after walking around in the sunshine. The hotel gave me the name of the cafe, and Sernatur's website had their phone number. I tried calling, but couldn't really explain where I might have left them. They gave me an email address. I sent a detailed message (Google's translation tool helped with the tenses and vocab).

I also need to get another pair of pants. One of mine snagged on a minibus armrest on Chiloe and I think it's beyond my skills to mend

I lost my Torres del Paine condor baseball hat too, so I need a replacement hat with a brim.

Cuzco seems a good place to try to find these things. It's a haven for travellers and has lots of relevant shops.

The food here is also good. It's nice to be in a place that believes in spices again. In Chile, it seemed like every dish was missing a sauce (except for the ones that were drenched in mayonnaise), but all of the food I've had so far in Peru has had lots of flavor. Even the empanada I had at the airport was tasty.

Last night we stumbled to the restaurant next door to the hostel, Heidi's, which the guidebooks mention as being a yogurt and granola place. I was delighted to find a wide variety of tasty dishes that involved neither yogurt nor granola. I had a chicken/leek soup, lamb (in sauce!) and a sugar/lime crepe. The others thought I was crazy for ordering dessert, but my appetite seems to be holding up, even in the face of the altitude-induced dizziness.