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Heh Cuzco, Cuzco, Peru, Thursday, 17 March 2005 8:37pm

Who was I kidding? I gave in and took the first dose of Diamox, and also some Ibuprofen and more coca tea. I still feel like my head is going to explode when I walk uphill.


Heya aerin Friday, 18 March 2005 1:56pm

Wow, I have some catching up to do on your travelogue. I'm a few entries behind. Hope you are adjusting to the altitude!

I stopped by your place for the first time on Tuesday to water plants. Most of them seem OK except the ones that the note said were already dying. Those two are still holding on though. I really like the funky plant with the round leaves and red stems. It's nifty.

But, did anyone actually water the plants in the last few weeks before I came over? My calendar said there would still be at least one person there until Sat/Sunday. They were all pretty dry, and unfortunately, the ficus(?)or whatever tree in the living room has shed about half of its leaves. :( Half of them are green too, so it's not like they browned and then fell off. It was really hot here the last two weeks, so that might have done it if no one was watering it. They're notoriously finicky plants. That, or maybe it just got lonely.

I'm keeping an eye on it and hoping it'll hold on!

Enjoy the rest of your trip!