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Suizandina Malalcahuello, Araucan√Ća, Chile, Sunday, 13 March 2005 8:47am

We're at a Swiss-run hostel near PN Conguillio. It's entertaining to have an appetizer of empanadas followed by a main course of knoedel.

We did a three hour hike up one of the hillsides nearby, mostly without a real trail until we found the (active) logging roads. The foliage here is odd. Tall trees, but the undergrowth seems to be dominated by a bamboo-like plant. I saw relatively few other plants up there. There were a few rosebushes at the lower altitudes and some thistle that was attracting a lot of bees.

There have been bees on the last few busses I've been on too. Actually, they look more like wasps, but I'm no expert.

Bussing out here was a minor adventure. The bus left from the rural bus terminal rather than from one of the various company terminals around the city. The terminal is in the middle of a block in the market area (the biggest covered market in Chile) and not very obvious from the outside. We ended up getting there by repeatedly asking people for directions, and then by following busses to see where they were going.

The bus ride turned out to take about 4hrs, since we failed to find a direct one. We passed through Victoria, which was mybe an hour out of our way to the north.

It should be interesting to bus back, since there's no "stop" here, just one driveway among many, and busses are rumored to run less frequently on Sundays.