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Bussed Out Temuco, Chile, Friday, 11 March 2005 11:15pm

Phew. A long day of busses. We started out with a two hour trip from Ancud to Puerto Montt, followed by a change of bus and a run up to Frutillar.

Frutillar is one of the towns in Chile that was primarily colonized by Germans. We had lunch at a restaurant on the lakeside called Guten Apetit. The food was pretty typical Chilean fare, except for the the desert (Kuchen) of a raspberry tart.

From Frutillar, we caught a bus to Osorno, then changed again to one to Temuco. We finally arrived at 9pm to discover that the hotel that we'd picked out is now a large hole in the ground and a few piles of construction materials. Luckily, our second choice was still around the corner, and still standing.