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La Candela Ancud, ChiloÈ, Chile, Wednesday, 09 March 2005 10:40pm

It cleared up a little. By dinnertime, you could tell that there was something offshore to the west. Hopefully, our cab driver was right, and it's a small storm front.

We had perhaps the best food we've encountered in Chile so far at a little restaurant/cafe called La Candela. In addition to local seafood choices, there were Peruvian and "oriental" dishes (Thai? The menu said the curry was made with coconut milk, but they were out of it when I ordered).

I had some great chicken empanaditas with tasty guacamole, and a very nice chicken dish with a creamy sauce.

The restaurant itself has a funky feel to it, with brightly colored walls and oddly shaped wooden decorations. There were also paintings and drawings of cats everywhere, done in an anthropomorphic, cartoonish style. The music was neat too. The were playing an abstractish electronic selection first that the waitress said was the Amelie soundtrack, but I suspect sh might have been talking about the next thing in the rotation, which definitely had French vocals.

If you ever find yourself in Ancud: La Candela, Libertad 599 (at Pudeto), (65) 629995.