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To Marrakesh Marrakesh, Morocco, Tuesday, 30 December 2008 8:24pm

Today was a travel day. Up at 5, gone from the riad by 6:20, on a train by 7. It took us a couple tries to find our seats (there were two first class compartments), but we settled in and tried to nap along the way. The train station in Marrakesh is the nicest I've seen so far in the country, by a large margin. I think it may be fancier than the airport at Casablanca.

It was unclear where to catch a cab, and we ended up having to talk to three cab drivers before we were on our way. While we were looking around, a protest march (Israel is fighting Hamas?) passed by.

Our riad was tricky to find. Not nearly as well signposted as the one in Fes. We ended up being shown the way by a guy who was hanging around on a nearby street.

We had dinner at a restaurant with a terrace overlooking the Djemaa el-Fna, and got to see some young acrobats from a distance. They did some pretty tall stacks (four level wedding cakes, and a trick where they alternate two-and-a-half-up stacks with fliers hanging from the arms of the two nearest high fliers). Their mounts and dismounts were really impressive. The flier at the top of the wedding cake basically swung down the inside of the stack on one arm of one of the next-to-top level fliers and then dropped to the ground.


Yeah, there is fighting Quincy (Anonymously) Friday, 02 January 2009 9:55am

It's in its 7th day, lots and lots of airstrikes so far, most Hamas infrastructure destroyed, several mosques as well. 2000-2500 injured, 300+ dead? Unknown if and when Israel will launch a ground assault, but they have tanks massed.