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Shopping Fes, Morocco, Monday, 29 December 2008 9:17pm

We spent most of the day wandering around town, occasionally shopping, eating lots of snack foods.

The non-shopping highlight of the day was a visit to the woodworking museum, which is housed in a restored caravanserai. There are a lot of really interesting pieces in the collection, particularly architectural decoration, and the building itself is gorgeous. Three levels of intricate stucco and wooden carvings.

We had lunch at the Fez Lounge, which was a nice change from the standard Moroccan tourist restaurant we've been eating at. It had distinctly modern styling, dim lighting, and chill electronic music. Weirdly, they advertise on the side of donkeys.

I've finally been sold a carpet. It was the whole deal, with the trip upstairs to the selling room and the "please, sit down and have some mint tea". I even got an escort to the ATM machine and back when I didn't have enough cash on me. I'm pretty happy with the price, and I think the carpet is cool, so all in all a score.

My other shopping goals for the day were a Fez, since this is Fes, after all, some toothpaste, and a pair of slippers. The hat and toothpaste were easy enough, but the slippers turned out to be tricky. They have a bunch of interesting slippers... for women. All of the slippers for men are comparatively dull. Normally, I'd just get the ones for women, but it seems that women have small feet.


Hooray for carpets! Quincy (Anonymously) Wednesday, 31 December 2008 10:20am

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