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To Rabat Rabat, Morocco, Monday, 15 December 2008 10:41pm

One of the tricky things about trains is knowing when to get off. The first few stations we stopped at on the route from Casablanca to Rabat had no signs that I could see indicating which stops they were, so I spent quite a bit of the trip preoccupied about whether I'd recognize the proper stop when it came. Luckily, there are two Rabat stops, and both of them have signs visible as the train pulls in, so after the first one I had plenty of time to grab my luggage and get ready to get off (I wanted the second anyway).

My hotel room has a balcony overlooking a park, so I sat there for a while until the sun went down and it started getting chilly. Even with the delay, I was a bit too early to dinner. The restaurant I wanted to go to wasn't serving yet, so I walked around a bit more.

Dinner was a tasty pastilla, with a good balance of savory and sweet and a tasty sprinkling of cinnamon. I'm discovering that it would be handy to have a French phrasebook for menu-reading, since I'm hopeless at reading Arabic script.

I got a bit turned around after leaving the restaurant and accidentally discovered some sort of carnival. They had several spinny rides (which I avoided, having just eaten), but funnel cakes were not in evidence.