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Tourism Casablanca, Morocco, Monday, 15 December 2008 2:58pm

Got some solid tourism in. I started with a walk over to the Hassan II mosque. It's the one that will let non-muslims in and the third-largest in the world.

It is really quite large. The minaret seems to loom over you. It's not quite as tall as the Transamerica building back in San Francisco, but it's set away from other buildings in a way that downtown skyscrapers are not. The decoration inside is amazing as well.

Afterwards, I stopped for lunch at Rick's Cafe. It's not the original, of course, since that never existed, but it's one of the most tasteful theme restaurants I've been to. I had a nice multi-course Moroccan meal and listened to old jazz standards for while sipping mint tea. Yes, they did play "As Time Goes By".

I took the direct route through the old medina back to my hotel, instead of walking back along the road along the edge of the city. In one of the storefronts, next to a tiny pool table, I saw a stand-up machine of Puzzle Bobble and played a few games for old time's sake.

I'm now on a train to Rabat.

Casablanca beer: a very light lager. A bit sweet.