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Livestock Puerto Natales, Chile, Saturday, 05 March 2005 11:00pm

There was a surprising amount of animal life along the way to Puerto Natales. I saw sheep (including a big curled-horned ram), horses, cows, rheas (or maybe imported ostriches or emus?), and even a few llamas. I took a bunch of pictures, but I expect that none of them will come out. The bus was moving pretty quickly.

Puerto Natales is pretty small. I went to a supermarket and bought some random food for my trip to TorresDelPaine. My bus leaves at 7:30am tomorrow.

I had a nice meal at a restaurant on the plaza (lamb a la parilla again), but they seemed opposed to giving me the bill. I had to ask twice (waiting 15min between each request), and then get up to leave before they would tell me how much I owed. I was quite annoyed, since it was late and I have to get up really early.