Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Motoring Punta Arenas, Chile, Saturday, 05 March 2005 5:00pm

I'm back in Chile, on a bus to Puerto Natales. The belt-shopping went pertty well, though finding something plain enough to suit me and long enough to fit me (a shop girl called me gordo. Grr.) was a bit tricky.

I got to the airport early, spent the last of my Argentine money on postcards, sat down to write them... and discovered I didn't have my notebook. Since it would have been annoying to have to reconstruct the address list (hmm... why didn't I make a wiki page for it?), I grabbed some pesos from the ATM. I took a cab back to town, found the notebook on the breakfast-room table (which makes me feel slightly better about thinking I'd checked my room thoroughly before leaving) and got the same cab back.

It was waiting at the taxi stand two blocks from my hotel, stalled. A quick push start and back to the airport.

Customes and immigration were a breeze, but Chile was a bit disorganized. It seemed like they'd forgotten that an international flight was arriving and they didn't have anything ready for us.

It was only a 30min wait for a bus to Puerto Natales. I didn't even have to go to Punta Arenas to catch it. I bought some flag iron-on patches at the airport while I waited. I should have gotten the Argentinian one in Ushuaia. They don't have it here.

Punta Arenas airport has no ATM!