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Home San Francisco, CA, Sunday, 27 July 2008 11:16pm

I'm back home. Most of the rest of the camping was hanging out, eating (Aaron made some tasty chili), and seeing a movie in Sebastopol (Melissa and Aaron don't get out to the movies much anymore). This morning we got coffee (well, I had chai) at the place that had been closed on Saturday, and had brunch at the corner of Canyon Seven and Canyon Two. Then we broke camp and headed our separate ways.

The motorcycle ride back was generally fun. I should have done more route planning (and brought a paper map!). The Treo with the GPS software on it kept crashing, so I had to find my way the old fashioned way: following road signs. I had planned to just ride down RT 1, but it was so foggy that I headed inland towards the 101.

I arrived home in the early afternoon and treated my motorcycle to a chain degreasing and rewaxing. Why do they make chain wax smell like coconut? It shouldn't be so tempting to eat. It's hard to believe that I've owned this bike for more than five years now.

While I was working on the motorcycle, Dave and Jenny invited me to join them on a bicycle ride. Dave had to drop out because of brake problems, but Jenny and I did a nice ride to Tiburon, where we discovered that the ferry back to the city doesn't run very often. So we had some tasty Mexican appetizers at one of the restaurants on the pier and waited for an hour. I suspect this is the first time I've taken a bicycle on a ferry.