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Final squids Roatan, Honduras, Saturday, 12 July 2008 11:20am

After breakfast, I saw a four foot long Green Moray Eel just under the dock.

Mona and Jenny and I went on a final snorkel this morning. It was pretty awesome. Tooled around the front yard and saw a barracuda and a lizardfish. Went over to the top of the reef and looked at more coral and fish. Lots of parrotfish and angelfish. Swam over to the shipwreck and practiced free diving. I got down to the top of the bow, about 30feet down.

On the way back in, we found a school of little squids. There were a couple dozen swimming around, wiggling their fin edges. They mostly swam in a linear formation, but there was one zooming around, nudging them back into line and seeming to change color.

This was a nice way to close the week, because Jenny and I had snorkeled the first day and ran into a couple who were on their last day. They asked us if we'd seen the school of squid, but we hadn't. Now we have!

I've managed to pack everything, using Dan's spare backpack, even the four-foot hammock bars. I feel a little like I'm cheating by not being able to pack everything into my carry-on, but that's what the flight home is supposed to be like, right?