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Last day of diving Roatan, Honduras, Friday, 11 July 2008 10:01pm

When you dive, nitrogen builds up in your blood. You can't fly for 24 hours after diving, to give the nitrogen time to be removed. So this is the last day of diving for me.

We did a couple more shore dives to Newman's Wall and the shipwreck. I tried to take some pictures of the puffer fish, but, ironically, they let me get too close, closer than the camera would focus. And moving further away and zooming in didn't really work either. The second dive was my longest to date: 54 minutes. A combination of staying a bit shallower and being more relaxed. Jenny had her camera, not me, which might have helped too.

After lunch, we went on an island tour. It was mostly interesting because the guide seemed to know pretty much everything about the island and had lots of stories about who lived where, and what they did.

We stopped by the iguana sanctuary, which was a bit disappointing. Mostly just iguanas sitting around. Not much in the way of information about them. Not even signs.

We also stopped at the Botanical Garden, which was surprisingly good. The guy who started the place and has run it for the past 25 years gave us the tour. He talked a lot about the histories and uses of the plants. Allspice smells really good.

Our last stop was at West End, the town that tourists stay in if they're not at an all-inclusive resort. It's pretty much entirely dive shops, bars, and souvenir shops. I got a chance to try one last local soda, and to pick up a couple hammocks. Packing one of them is going to be a trick. It has 4ft long wooden bars.

Link Piña Colada: oddly, less like a piña colada than Link Agua de Coco, and less good.