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More Rain Copan Ruinas, Honduras, Thursday, 03 July 2008 11:10pm

It was pouring again. Thunder, lightning, torrents of rain. I had dinner at an Uruguayan restaurant around the corner. Delicious steak. It was raining so hard that there was a constant stream of water from teh courtyard to the front door.

After dinner, I went back to El Sapo Rojo, which has become my default spot in town. Talked a bunch with a local guy named Jose who runs horseback tours. I narrowly beat him at foosball. Talked a bit with the bartender, who's from Toronto (I caught her saying "sorey" for "sorry").

When I was at the bird park, there was a group of girls who were wearing t-shirts from various dog and cat food brands and similar things. The second time I was at the encounter area, I saw them catching the birds with towels and doing various medial check-ups. They happened to be at the bar this evening,. It turns out they're from a veterinary medicine program at a university in Florida, and they're doing coursework. They also happen to be going out to Roatan tomorrow. It seems there's a guy there who has 3000 iguanas. We talked a bunch about animals (whether the precedent of the cheetah bottleneck suggests that the population of black rhinos in Tanzania is a viable breeding population...) and played a bit of foosball (Katie and I lost badly to Juan and Dawn).

Flor de Caña is really tasty.