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Walking Copan Ruinas, Honduras, Thursday, 03 July 2008 5:35pm

I had vaguely planned to go on a tour of a local hacienda today, but the tour company didn't get enough people, so it didn't happen. I wandered around on my own instead.

I went looking for a mirador (vista point) at an old jail overlooking the town. I'm not really sure whether I found it. It looks like they may have moved the children's museum to the building. Which would be amusing.

Anyway, the views were great, and the museum was pretty neat. There were interactive exhibits on Mayan syntax, counting, and daily life, and about imported and indigenous animals and plants. A bunch of the stations were electrically powered by hand cranks set at child height.

After lunch, I headed over to a different Hacienda to go on a short hike out to see Los Sapos (The Frogs), a small Mayan site. The site was pretty tiny, but it was a nice hike through some beautiful forest.

Back at the Hacienda, I had a lemonade and chatted a bit with some other travelers about what there was to do in the area. I think that if I were to come back to Honduras, I'd check out the Lago de Yojoa area. One of the pairs was trying to see Honduras in nine days, and felt like they were rushing everywhere and were confounded by travel delays. It made me appreciate the relaxed attitude I've had towards planning on this trip.