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More Sunday Difficulties San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Sunday, 29 June 2008 5:12pm

I should clearly have thought about the days of the week a little more when making my plan. Much of the city is closed, including the restaurant I was planning on eating at. I discovered this by flipping through the hotel services guide. (It turns out that the first reason they list for using their emergency ambulance service is heart attacks, but my guess of knife wounds is #2, and gunshot wounds is #3 on the list of 12).

The hotel's book suggested a "typical" restaurant in the Zona Viva, which was close to several of the other restaurants in the guidebook, so I decided to walk over and see.

The sky turned dark as I walked, and when I was still a few blocks away from the Zona, the first rumble of thunder sounded. I quickened my pace, hoping to find a place to wait out the storm. The places in the LP were all closed, either for Sunday or for good, but I found the "typical" restaurant.

Dinner there was quite good. I couldn't remember what chicharron meant, so I ordered a plate of yuca con chicharrones on faith. It turned out that my hazy recollection was right: pork rinds. A good way to work up a thirst before a main course of grilled beef with bananas. The condiment was pickled vegetables. Yum.

Oh, and, of course, it didn't start to rain until after I finished dinner and was walking back to the hotel. Just a sprinkling, though.

Cerveza Imperial: a bit darker and a bit more flavorful than the other national beers I've tried. The best yet.