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No parade San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Sunday, 29 June 2008 12:41pm

It turns out that the parade was yesterday. I should have realized that they'd move it up a day so that it didn't fall on Sunday. As I walked along the ring road that circles the city center, there were some crews picking up trash along the route. Oh well.

The town is pretty sleepy this morning. Almost deserted. I wonder how many people are nursing hangovers and how many are in church.

I had a baleada, the stereotypical Honduran dish. It's a tortilla filled with refried beans, butter, and other toppings. The tortilla was quite good, but the fillings weren't remarkable.

Mass was just getting out when I passed the cathedral. The Parque Central was busy, but not nearly as packed as yesterday. They were taking down one of the stages I saw yesterday, but there were some more marimba players at another one of them.

Tropical Uva: I think this is the most sugary grape soda I've ever had.

Fanta: Pretty much the same here as everywhere else.