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Getting close San Francisco, CA, Saturday, 24 February 2007 10:17pm

Lots of little errands to pick up the last few things. Cole Hardware for the other plug adapter, Pharmaca (the local "integrative" pharmacy) for probiotics, REI for more sock liners and to return the excess pants. Dropped off a load of wash 'n' fold with the last of the travel clothes.

I decided that it was dumb to buy an actual First Aid kit. I'm just going to get some antiseptic wipes and antibiotic ointment packs to add to my bag of band-aids, since that's really all that's in those kits.

I got a haircut (compare to the picture I took for passport photos). Every time I do that I'm shocked at how short it is, and this time was no exception. It definitely looks shorter than I thought it would (though it's the length I asked for). I think it'll travel well. It's long enough to not immediately spring up into cowlicky spikes, but short enough that I can "style" it by just running my hand over my head, and I think it will continue to me manageable as it grows out.

I've been printing some random things (like my Cambodian eVisa), and scanning some others (like my SCUBA certification card and the measurements that Kyra took of the slacks I like).

My light shirt and pants are soaking in permethrin. Perhaps I'll do a test-pack tomorrow (AneelPackingList) when they dry out (which will be a measure of how quickly they dry, since it's supposed to be raining tomorrow) and I get my clothes back from the wash 'n' fold.


tinny Sunday, 04 March 2007 12:12pm

I like this cut!