Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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To Pigeon Point Pescadero, CA, Saturday, 21 October 2006 8:00pm

We got off to a reasonably timely start. We were in motion not too long after 10am. A quick stop at Cole Hardware provided a variety of fasteners, which we used to strap Jessica's cargo net over my panniers. That should allow us to strap more stuff to the outside of the luggage, in case we need to dry things or hold a little extra cargo.

We stopped in Pacifica for me to pick up some more Gatorade and then pushed on to Moss Beach for lunch. Around San Gregorio, the terrain started getting difficult. Long, fairly steep grades are punishing with the extra weight. I'm cranking along forever at 5mph in my lowest gear, trying not to stop so I don't lose forward momentum. The downhills are fun, but they go by so quickly that there's hardly any time to rest before starting up the next hill. On the flip side, it does make the level ground seem really easy.

We got to the hostel at Pigeon Point just as the fog started rolling in. The lighthouse was clearly visible from half a mile away, but completely hidden by the time we arrived.

I must have looked totally beat when we checked in at the hostel, since the desk guy gave us a bunch of freebies. I feel less wiped out after a couple Clif bars and two cans of beef barley soup, but I'm still pretty tired. Water is strangely unsatisfying. It seems that even after drinking a glass, I don't feel less thirsty.

The hostel is overrun with children screaming and running around.

51.73mi in 4:33 (avg 11.37mph)