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Biking Itinerary San Francisco, California, USA, Saturday, 21 October 2006 8:53am

About to set out. The bike weighed in at 66lbs packed last night. Proceeded to unpack some stuff. AneelBikePackingList is pretty much accurate now. The hiking boots are by far the most annoying item. Right now they're wrapped in a garbage bag (to keep 'em together) and bungeed to the rack. We'll see if that lasts. Planning a last minute stop at Cole Hardware to pick up some better fasteners for the cargo net.

Planned (optimistic) intinerary:

  • Sat: Pigeon Point 55mi
  • Sun: Big Basin 36mi w/hills
  • Mon: Somewhere between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Castroville? 45mi?
  • Tue: Big Sur 40mi
  • Wed: Salinas 48mi
  • Thu: Gilroy 46mi
  • Fri: San Jose 36mi
We're planning on Cal Training back to the city, and we don't need to be back until Saturday, so there's a half day or so of slack in that schedule.

(This journal will probably not be updated while I'm on the trip.)