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Diving, Day 1 St. George's, Grenada, Thursday, 29 December 2016 12:41pm

A fairly easy first day of diving. Adrienne made us eggs in the morning and we drove over to the dive shop and got on the boat. Our gear was already set up, which is not my preference.

We did a couple of dives in the morning. The first one featured a spectacular octopus just sitting on a coral head. On the second, Adrienne spotted a bunch of arrow crabs and we saw a large French Angelfish around the wreck of a small ship.

We took a lunch break and went to a hotel 10 minutes away. We arrived at 1, but nobody took our orders until 1:20. We let the waiter know that we had to leave at 2, and asked if we would have time, and he said yes. It wasn't until 1:55 until we had food on the table (a burger and a burrito, nothing complex), and it took them another 10 minutes to get us the check. We got back to the dive shop after everyone else was on the boat.

Our afternoon dive boat was also carrying a load of snorkelers, which is not usually a recipe for good diving. The first half of our dive was in an underwater sculpture garden, with a depth of about 15 ft. I would rather have snorkeled it than had all of the gear on me. Happily, we did get out of the garden and onto the wall, where we got to see more fish. The highlights of that dive were a Caribbean Reef Squid and a Flying Gurnard.


Oooh! g-na (Anonymously) Sunday, 01 January 2017 9:32am

A flying gurnard?! That is exciting! (I've never seen one in the wild.)