Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Around St George's St. George's, Grenada, Wednesday, 28 December 2016 1:39pm

We spent the day getting our bearings and puttering around the capital. Checked in at the dive shop, so tomorrow should be easier. Adrienne drove us around the capital and began to get a feel for the driving style here. It's Right Hand Drive with lots of roundabouts and frequent microbuses stopping whenever someone wants to be picked up or dropped off, so it's a bit chaotic.

We got a good view of the town and its spectacular harbor from Fort George, browsed some shops in the harbor side area. We also stopped in at the National Museum, which had quite a bit of information on pre-Columbian peoples, the colonial period, and slavery. Upstairs, there was a room devoted to the events surrounding the 1983 invasion of the country, which I'd had only the haziest of understanding of before, one for carnival costumes, and another with technological artifacts, including a number of typewriters and three computer games for the Acorn Electron on cassette tape.