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Back at the Lima airport Lima, Lima, Peru, Tuesday, 12 April 2005 10:01pm

One more time.

I was (predictably) exhausted when I got off the bus. I was also somewhat annoyed that they insisted on playing a 90min movie quite loudly as we set out, so I was cheated of a chunk of sleep. They sort of made up for it by bumping me from the four-seats-per-row class to the three-seats-per-row class for no reason I was able to discern (the woman at the counter explained something, that I didn't follow at all). The seats were pretty comfy, except for a lack of neck support.

In future, I may just decide to fly. Why aren't there ubiquitous point-to-point small plane flights here like there were in Guatemala, Belize, and Mexico? It doesn't seem like the economics would be that different. I could have gotten a Trujillo - Lima ticket, but all of the other bus rides would have routed me through Lima.

After the bus ride, I found a hotel in Miraflores, showered, took a nap, and headed out to see some of the city. I checked out the Larco museum, which lets you wander around the storerooms and look at all of the chipped or slightly-less-representative or insufficiently-fabulous pieces. Lots of neat Mochica ceramics.

I decided against trying to cross the city to see another museum, so I spent the afternoon walking around the Miraflores neighborhood. I was pleased to discover that the beachside edge of the area is set aside for parks, and the condo high-rises are a block or so away. I spent a few hours sitting on a park bench at the top of the cliffs, watching the waves roll in.

Now all I need to do is stay awake until my flight boards.