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Vana Tallinn Tallinn, Estonia, Monday, 24 June 2013 11:13pm

Tallinn's Old Town (Vana Tallinn) is a compact, if confusing, area. The forecast is calling for rain on Tuesday, so we decided to do the walking tour today. Between the winding streets, the surprisingly steep hills, the time spent taking photos, and the stops to visit sights and buy souvenirs, we only got about a quarter of the way through by lunchtime. We visited one church that was exceptionally impressive, the Alexander Nevsky Russian Orthodox Cathedral, which has scaly onion domes, and golden mosaics.

After lunch, we found the Marzipan Museum and an alley filled with craftspeople's workshops. Unfortunately, since it was the day after the Midsummer festival, they were mostly closed. We had dinner at another "medieval" restaurant (Olde Hansa), but the food at this one was much more interesting than at the one in Riga. I had some great turnips and game sausages.