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Countryside Tallinn, Estonia, Sunday, 23 June 2013 11:59pm

We took another international bus today. This trip was quite pretty. Most of it was through the countryside, with views of forests and meadows. We saw a lot of people hiking away from the road with camping and picnicking gear, since today is the Midsummer's Day festival, when everyone goes out to the country.

After arriving in Tallinn, we set out to the Estonian Open Air Museum, which is somewhere between an ethnographic museum and a history theme park. They were hosting a celebration for Midsummer, and even getting on the bus there was a challenge. We caught the 21 at the first stop. All of the seats were filled, but there was still standing room, but as we got closer to the Museum, it got more and more crowded, until more people simply could not get on.

The Museum was beautiful. It covers a fairly large area, and has little farmsteads as they would have been at various points in Estonia's history, separated by forest and meadow. There were lots of wildflowers everywhere, which people were making into garlands, small bonfires, and stands with various foods. I had some really tasty black bread fried with garlic and butter, and some black bread with butter, herring, egg, and shallots that was amazing. I also got a good look at the Baltic for the first time.

We ended up not sticking around too late, as we'd had a long day. When we got off the minibus back, it was only 11pm, and still practically full daylight.