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Costal Titusville, FL, Wednesday, 24 October 2012 11:26pm

Today was a riding day, made a little more complicated by my determination to ride via particular routes that my GPS was not very excited about. I've turned off automatic recalculation so it doesn't keep telling me that I'm going the wrong way.

The first troublesome routing choice was crossing the Venetian Causeway between Miami and Miami Beach. It's a pretty bridge that stops on a series of artificial islands full of what I imagine are shockingly expensive homes.

It led pretty directly to the next troublesome routing choice: FL-A1A, which is often called Ocean Drive (but has other names, along its length). It's usually the road closest to the Atlantic. For much of the coast there's a chain of barrier islands (where A1A is), then the Intracostal Waterway, then the mainland (where US-1 is), and then a bit further inland is I-95.

A1A took me from the Art Deco district into the Miami Modern, and then past pastel-and-glass skyscraper hotels. By Fort Lauderdale, I was occasionally seeing the beach without a building in the way, but I was frustrated enough at the 30 mph traffic that I cut in to I-95 for a while. I returned to the coast after Melbourne.

It was pouring down rain before I left Miami (I put off leaving until it cleared up a bit), but I ended up only getting about 15 minutes total of rain along the way.