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Back to Austin Austin, TX, Sunday, 23 September 2012 10:48pm

I'm back in Austin. The "Three Sisters" were pretty good rides. More sweeping curves and fewer twisties than I expected, but a fair number of each. I think that one of the reasons why the roads are considered challenging is that they're not banked as much as most roads. Normally, the outside edge of a turn is higher than the inside, which helps hold vehicles in the turn, but some of the turns on this road seemed flat.

I made a stop in Leakey for lunch, and then another in Fredericksburg for a snack, and was back in Austin in time for dinner. I realize now that the traffic pattern of long (minutes?) red lights, making you sit at the light, sweltering in your motorcycle gear, is an Austin thing, not a general Texas thing. Perhaps all large Texan cities have long lights?

I'll be here for at least a couple weeks.

Also, I'm a pretty bad estimator. I figured this trip would be 3500 miles, over about 14 days of riding. It turned out to be 5408 miles over 19 days. At least some of the extra miles were to get to cool things that people told me about.

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