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Slots, Turbines, Monuments Monument Valley, UT, Saturday, 15 September 2012 10:43pm

Lake Powell was quite pretty, as expected. I broke camp pretty early and headed into Page for an 8:30am tour of Antelope Canyon.

The canyon is fascinating, but it's a little hard to appreciate it, because it is packed with people on tours, and everyone is trying to take as many photos as they can (I took 424, but almost all of them were 3-shot brackets, so really only 141 or so distinct shots). It would be nice to visit a slot canyon like this and be able to just sit there and watch the light change over the course of the day. Perhaps the next time I'm in the region, I'll research one where I can do that.

I stopped by Glen Canyon Dam before leaving Page, and took the Dam tour. It was a good tour, packed with information, and the guide I happened to be with was quite funny. They're replacing the turbines, one at a time, so we got to see one of them partially disassembled. Pretty cool.

In the afternoon, I rode out to Monument Valley. The southward diversion I took out of Moab means that I was actually quite close to here a few days ago. It's a good thing I'm not being scored on route efficiency. I'm somewhat annoyed by the time zones around here. It turns out that Monument Valley is mostly in Arizona, but that part of it is in Utah, and my campground is on the Utah side, but that the Navajo Nation doesn't agree with Arizona about the time.

I checked into my campground at about 6 pm (actually an RV spot. I really need to charge my various devices, so I stopped at a hardware store in Page and bought an adapter to let me plug a normal (15 amp) plug into an RV (30 amp) socket. It turns out, of course, that the RV hookup also has two 15 amp sockets, contrary to what the campground contact told me over the phone. Ah, well.

Tomorrow, I'm taking a tour of Monument Valley. After that, I'm not quite sure what I'm doing. The schedule says "Grand Canyon" on it, but if I can't get a campground reservation, I may decide that I've spent enough time in Canyons for now and head to Flagstaff.