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Million Dollar Highway Montrose, CO, Tuesday, 11 September 2012 10:25pm

Camping at Great Sand Dunes went well. It was a very pleasant temperature. Cool enough to make me appreciate my sleeping bag, but not so cold that I had to make sure that I was entirely encased in it at all times. The stars were amazing. The sand dunes are formed by wind action between two mountain ranges, and there are no large cities between them, so the sky is quite dark, and overflowing with stars.

I got a relatively early start (for me), and stopped for breakfast just outside of the park and then for lunch in Durango. I was supposed to spend the night in Durango, but since I got there so early, it seemed best to just continue, even though there were some menacing clouds in the direction I was headed.

The Million Dollar Highway is really impressive. It's a fairly short stretch of US 550 through mountain passes around Silverton, Colorado. Lots of turns, sheer drop-offs, and amazing views. I'm sure it's even better when it's sunny out. There was an on-again-off-again drizzle through most of the ride, which limited my enjoyment of the curves a bit. But still amazing.

I'm now about half a day ahead of schedule. I think that'll mean that I get to visit the Black Canyon of the Gunnison National Park before heading into Utah.