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Getting warmer Austin, TX, Sunday, 13 November 2011 11:02pm

I've been wearing the waterproof, fleece-lined cold-weather gloves that I picked up in Connecticut for the past month. Today was the first day I switched back to something lighter. It was nice and warm, even in the morning in Louisiana, and was well over 80 F in Texas. It feels good to be warm.

The plan was to ride from Alexandria, LA to Huntsville, TX today, but the roads were straight and the speed limits were high, so I found myself in Huntsville in time for a late lunch (it's nice to be back in Horchata country). It seemed silly to end the day there, so I called my hosts in Austin and made sure it was okay if I showed up early. They said it was fine, so I kept on riding.

I'm staying with my friends Dave and Amy (who you may remember from Beijing). They're heading abroad on their honeymoon in a few weeks, and wanted a housesitter. Coincidentally, I wanted someplace warm to hang out for a while and work on some projects. So I'm planning to be in Austin for a while. I suspect I won't be updating this journal much while I'm here, but we'll see.