Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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Lima airport. The excitement never stops. Lima, Lima, Peru, Sunday, 27 March 2005 5:01pm

They were filming a commercial for Interbank earlier. I watched a few takes of the twins with the weird hair doing a double-take when they see the twin dogs before my patience ran out. I didn't get to see what was up with the twin stewardesses.

Our plan is to book a jungle lodge when we get to Iquitos, so we don't know what the schedule will be like. I tried pricing some airfares from Iquitos to the places I'm interested in visiting afterwards (Trujillo, Chiclayo), but it seems like I'm doomed to come back to Lima on my way. My guidebook claimed that Star Up airlines flies direct from Iquitos, but thier website is down and the people at their ticket desk deny that they fly anywhere but Lima from Iquitos.

Ah, well. I imagine it'll be easy to arrange transit once I'm in Iquitos. At the worst, I can buy a Lan ticket in a net cafe. I'm going to have so much frequent flyer credit from Lan. I've already flown on every model of airplane in their fleet.