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Skyway Tellico Plains, TN, Saturday, 05 November 2011 4:12pm

Waiting for the weather to improve seems to have paid off. I had excellent weather for my ride today. I rode down the Blue Ridge Parkway (#2) to its south end, with two pretty long diversions because the road was closed. In one of those cases there was a clear, marked detour. In the other, the ROAD CLOSED barriers that appear periodically along the road were simply closed without explanation. I asked some other bikers in the area which direction I should go at the nearest offramp in order to get to the Cherohala Skyway (#7). They pointed me left, but warned me that the Skyway would probably be very cold. Happily, they were right about the direction and wrong about the weather.

It was cool and crisp. Visibility was great, and the road was a lot of fun. Mostly sweeping curves, not tight twists. Good road surface. Lots of turnouts for slow traffic to let faster traffic go by. Most of the leaves have fallen in the section in North Carolina, though there are patches of color in the grey wintry landscape. The section in Tennessee is surprisingly colorful still. Lots of spectacular reds, oranges, and yellows.