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Columbian Silver Spring, MD, Tuesday, 25 October 2011 7:34pm

The motorcycle shop that I stopped at in the morning pointed out that the reason that all of the mirrors I was looking at were reverse-threaded was that there was a reversing adapter on the mirror mount. Oops.

I'm a little mystified about why Honda would choose stock mirrors for this bike that have the opposite threading of the mounts, necessitating an adapter on every bike they make. Couldn't they just commission a mirror with the threading they want?

Anyway, I now have mirrors on both sides again. I'm less than totally happy with the new ones because they don't have as good a field of view as the stock mirrors, but at least I'm able to change lanes to the right without looking all the way over my shoulder every time.

It was a pretty short ride from Delaware to DC, where I met up with my friend Eric to pick up house keys and grab lunch together. Eric actually lives in Silver Spring, MD, not in the District proper, so I rode up there and let myself in.

The original plan for the day had me returning to DC and getting started on some sightseeing, but it was already almost 4 by the time I got all of my luggage settled, and I was feeling pretty tired, so I decided to catch up on some of the email that I've let sit because internet was too expensive at the hotel in Philly. When my phone has data coverage, it's hard to justify paying for Wifi, but the phone is not exactly conducive to long responses.

Eric's wife Leah came home around 5, and we had dinner at a cool underground (literally) pub that was having a Taco Tuesday special. On the way to the pub, we passed the Discovery Channel headquarters, which has a T-Rex skeleton (model?) in the lobby. I'm pretty sure I've seen more dinosaur bones on this trip than over the rest of my life combined.

Factoid: Silver Spring MD is the birthplace of my Rally teammate Christine!