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Relaxing Boston, MA, Tuesday, 11 October 2011 8:00pm

I spent a relaxed day in Boston today. I walked over to a restaurant close to Jascha's house that purported to sell Australian-style meat pies. These pies were much better than any I had in Australia, though, so I'm not sure how authentic they were.

I had dinner at King Fung Garden II. When I was in college, King Fung Garden was one of TEP's favorite restaurants. The owners sold the restaurant in Chinatown and opened a new restaurant in Brookline. This is the first time that I've visited the new place, but Doris, the owner, recognized my order. We would always get the same basic things: scallion pies, slugs (Rice Cakes w. Pork & Szechuan Pickes), and worms (Shanghai Chow Mein). We talked about the old days when they were in Chinatown. They're opening a new restaurant over there in a month or so, in the hope of getting more foot traffic. Since the King Fung Garden name is taken, they'll call the new place China King. Definitely worth checking out the next time I'm in Boston.

I swung by TEP to drop off my contribution for the cabin rental fee, and to see how the house had changed. Surprisingly little, actually. There are some murals that I painted more than a decade ago that are still there.