Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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The long way to Camelot Rumney, NH, Saturday, 08 October 2011 7:21am

People around here have been asking me if I'm planning to go up to Mt Washington. I didn't have any plans to do so, but when I plotted out the route, it didn't seem too unreasonable, so why not?

Annoyingly, I spent way too long at lunch at a pub in Lebanon, NH. The waiter forgot to give my order to the chef, and by the time everything was sorted out and I'd finished eating, I'd been sitting there for two hours. When I arrived at the entrance to the Mt Washington Auto Road, they'd been closed for half an hour.

Traffic was awful back down to Rumney, where Tep was having its annual new member retreat (a tradition that started a few years after I graduated). I really miss California's lane-sharing law, which allows motorcycles to move alongside cars if there's room.

It was well after dark when I arrived, and it was lucky that other people were arriving at the same time, because I'm not sure I would have found the path to the cabin unaided.

After setting up my tent, I spent the night meeting people, arguing about the differences between science, engineering, and mathematics, and eating campfire-roasted meat.