Getting There - Aneel's Travelogue

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To Chicagoland Chicago, IL, Monday, 19 September 2011 7:40pm

It was raining pretty solidly throughout the day yesterday, so I abandoned my plans to visit the House on the Rock and to go to a street fair, and had a relaxed day instead. I caught up on my laundry and my photos, and got to hang around with Bo and Heidi. Definitely a good day.

Today I had a new set of tires put on my motorcycle before heading towards Chicago. Bo and Heidi's friend Vaughn recommended a shop that had the tires I wanted in stock and could find time to squeeze me in during the morning. The timing worked out well because it was raining in the morning, but by the time the bike was ready, it had stopped. I had pretty clear skies for most of the ride.

Following Vaughn's advice, I took US-12 through farmland and small towns. I randomly stopped at the General Store in La Crosse WI and had an excellent trout sandwich for lunch.

I arrived in Chicagoland a little later than expected (road work and traffic, mostly), and am staying with Moof's parents. We had dinner at an Irish pub and talked about the Mongolia Rally (Moof was one of my teammates) and travel in general, and they gave me lots of tips about things to see in Chicago.