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Cold Sioux Falls, SD, Wednesday, 14 September 2011 8:46pm

It didn't actually rain on my campsite last night, but I did get a pretty good view of distant lightning from my tent. I wasn't so lucky in the morning. Heavy wind and light rain made breaking camp extremely cold. I stopped for breakfast at the park lodge, as much to get inside and warm up as to eat.

I visited the Minuteman Missile National Historic Site in the morning. There are actually three sites, separated by about 10 miles. The visitor center (with a short movie talking about the nuclear missile sites in the area); Delta 1, a control center that you can tour; and Delta 9, a missile silo (still containing a "training" missile) that you can look down into.

It was a long, cold ride from Wall (the closest place to have lunch from the silo) to Sioux Falls. I-90 is boring and windy. Despite the fact that I have five pairs of gloves with me (three bought over the course of the trip), I don't have a good cold-weather pair. At least I have heated hand grips. Earlier in the trip I noticed that the heated grips were causing the rubber grip on the throttle to slip, but I asked the shop in Billings to safety-wire the grip on, and that seems to be working.


whew! Ben (Anonymously) Wednesday, 14 September 2011 11:14pm

Glad your OK after your last cliffhanger of a post!

cheer Lifto (Anonymously) Thursday, 15 September 2011 6:30am

It's great to read these. Stay warm!

aerin (Anonymously) Wednesday, 05 October 2011 4:12pm

Interesting. My dad used to be a Squadron Commander for some of those missile sites. I've been toured some silos before.