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Weather Bedugul, Bali, Indonesia, Sunday, 26 June 2011 5:18pm

My scheme of getting a bit more sun this morning before heading back up into the mountains was thwarted my clouds. Someone mentioned to me that it was the first overcast day they'd had in Lovina in a month.

There was a break in the clouds that was perfectly timed for me to take some photos at the Gitgit waterfall, just off the main north-south road. The spray from the waterfall was very refreshing after the 800m walk past stalls trying to sell me things.

Up in Bedugul, it's foggy, with a mist that coalesces into a few raindrops occasionally, but hasn't yet broken into a downpour. I took advantage of the fog to visit an atmospheric temple up the hill from the place I'm staying and take some photos of carvings in the mist.