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Supertropical Ubud, Bali, Indonesia, Tuesday, 21 June 2011 7:15pm

The bad news is that I seem to have a head cold. There were a bunch of sick Australians on the flight from Darwin, and I think they were contagious. The good news is that Ubud is an awesome place to have a head cold. Chicken soup and sinus-clearing levels of spice are easily found here, and the weather is pleasantly warm and humid. Now if only I could bring myself to relax a bit more and focus on shaking this cold...

Instead, I spent most of the day walking around town, visiting temples and art museums. There was also a forest full of monkeys. One was sure the plastic bag from one of the shops I'd visited must have had bananas in it, so he made a grab for it and tore it open. The catalogue from an exhibition at the art museum was not as tasty as he'd hoped.

This evening, I went to see a performance of Balinese dance by an acclaimed troupe and gamelan orchestra. It was excellent. The musicians and dancers all seemed to be having a great time, the music was entrancing, and the dancing was very dramatic. Lots of sudden movements and wide-eyed expressions.