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Campervanning! Darwin, NT, Australia, Sunday, 12 June 2011 6:11pm

Just a quick update. They let me into Australia, and even let me keep my Clif bars. I spent a night at a hostel in Darwin, ran a few errands, and picked up my campervan.

It seems that this is not the trip where I finally really learn to drive stick. I've been "upgraded" to an automatic model that sleeps 4 and has a microwave and fridge. Seems a little extravagant for my needs, but hey.

I spent the day visiting the Museum of Art and History of the Northern Territory, which had some interesting exhibits on the local aboriginal art, the hurricane that destroyed Darwin some decades ago, and a large collection of random sailing vessels. Also a tasty pork and scallop "salad" at the cafe.

My next stop was to Crocodylus Park, a crocodile ranch/zoo/research station. I was just in time to watch them feed the adult crocodiles. The sound of their jaws snapping shut is impressive. A hollow thunk, kind of like a car door slamming shut.

I'm now checked in at a camper van park just outside of the city. I've done some basic shopping for staples, figured out how to plug the van in to power, and bought an hour of internet time. I have yet to properly assemble the bed in the van. One of the pieces I have is the wrong size, if the video on the internet is correct.... Luckily the van has two beds, in case I can't get it to work.

Everything here is hideously expensive, especially after Indonesia. They wanted $20 for wifi access, so I'm using one of their kiosk computers instead. Hopefully I'll also journal on my iPad and upload when I get back to Bali.