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Back to Bali Kuta, Bali, Indonesia, Saturday, 11 June 2011 8:10am

I whiled away a couple of hours before my bus left wandering around my hotel (which the guidebook describes as "Malang's most impressive museum"), gawking at the antiques and art objects from all over the world and the elaborate decorations. In addition to Javanese and Dutch sitting rooms, there is a room styled as a Chinese temple and a north African wing, and that's just the sections I happened to pass through. I stopped at the spa for a traditional Javanese massage, hoping to be extra relaxed for my long bus ride. High tea was starting just before I was scheduled to leave, so I paused for a couple lumpia and a sticky rice and jelly snack and a cup of vanilla tea.

The bus ride was about what I expected. Reasonably comfortable reclining seats (not quite wide or tall enough, but not as small as the sleeper bus in China), frosty air-conditioning that has fogged up my camera, loud music until after the dinner stop, and lots of cell phone chatting. I slept pretty well.

I've arrived on Bali 12 hours before my flight, so I stopped in the beach town of Kuta. I'm having banana crepes at a surfer cafe.